Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pranic Food

On the fifth day, of 'Inner Engineering' program, our teacher showed us one of Sathguru's video discourse. The discourse was mainly on Food, after watching it, I understood that Human body does NOT see food as Fat, Protein or Carbohydrates. Primarily, the human body sees food as 'that which sustains the life-force', because a strong life-force keeps the immune system strong. The life force is known as 'Prana'. Prana is the universal energy, sheer life force, the layer of love that covers our planet.This energy is what makes our bodies and minds balanced.

Whatever food we eat/drink, it is either positive pranic (food that gives u energy), negative pranic (food that takes away your energy) or zero-pranic food (food that neither takes away or gives back energy). In order to know what kind of food we are consuming, rudraksha mala can be used.

The rudraksha mala has a special property by which when held over positive pranic food ,it rotates clock-wise, when held over negative pranic food,it rotates anti-clock-wise and when held over neutral pranic it oscillates like a pendulum.
We conducted a test with lemon, potato and garlic, and it was confirmed that Lemon is a +ve pranic food, garlic as -ve pranic food and potato as zero pranic food. He gave as some example of Negative-pranic food, which we should avoid, example onion, garlic, brinjal etc.

A good meal should have a balanced proportion of Cereals, Carbohydrates, Fruits, Vegetables. Raw food seems to attract more prana to the cells while cooked food seems to repel it. As fruits can be consumed raw, it should be maintained in our diet plan. All kinds of legumes, cereals & pulses are positive pranic food. Later in another blog, I will post the list of positive/negative and zero pranic food.

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Ann said...


I am Isha member, nice to see your blog on prana foods...I have been wanting to ask this Q to someone..
I recently did the same experiment with apples, One apple did show Positive and other was that possible? I am really confused.